PPG24 Noise Assessments

Sound Planning Ltd are a small team of noise and vibration consultants specilising in environmental noise assessments; we are based in Farnham, Surrey conducting noise assessments within London, the South East and all over the United Kingdom.

New build or change of use dwellings often require a PPG 24 Noise Assessment as part of the planning process.


The National Planning Policy Framework supersedes Planning Policy Guidance 24 – Planning and noise (PPG24), however PPG24’s assessment methodologies and the categorisation of sites using Noise Exposure Categories (NEC) remain in use by local authorities.

PPG24 requries the assessment of existing ambient noise levels for a proposed location; the results of the noise assessment place the location within a PPG 24 noise exposure category or NEC.

PPG24 requires a dominant or mixed source evaluation, dominant sources will be either:

Sound Planning consultants liaise with the local authority (planning and environmental health officers) facilitating a smooth passage through the PPG24 planning process.

Please direct PPG24 email enquiries to Dan Thomas